Friday 27 April 2012

Minimum Requirements to Attend Courses in Project Management Training Institute in India

Project management is the choice of many young professionals willing to advance their career in a business where well-educated graduates are in constant demand, while another option is to attend undergraduate courses in a project management training institute in India. Those looking for a career in project management should usually possess a high school certificate or equivalent in order to be considered eligible to attend courses aimed at educating future project managers.

Naturally, there are advanced courses intended for holders of a bachelor’s degree that wish to obtain a master’s degree or equivalent in the field of project management. A good number of educational institutions require first hand project management experience from prospect candidates for master’s degree, while others offer introductory courses to familiarize accepted applicants with the basics of project and program management.

As expected, educational institutions providing project management training in India offer both online and contact classes, while applicants may choose among schools covering virtually all and every region in the country. One should bear in mind, however, that attending advanced classes would require proof of project management experience in addition to a bachelor’s degree from a certified educational institution. These pre-requisites narrow the number of India’s training institutes offering advanced degrees in the field of project management one is allowed to enroll.

Local educational institutions provide first-class level of schooling, producing well-trained professionals, while a number of well-established worldwide project management training institutions have also opened offices in India, boosting competition among project management schools. Actually, India appears to be the country in Asia/Pacific that boasts the highest number of well-equipped teaching organizations in the field of project management, producing graduates that are in high demand all over the region. Therefore, many foreign students attend courses provided by India’s educational institutions to get a widely recognized diploma or a certification in the sphere of project management and advance their career development.

Practical experience in the field of project management required by some educational institutions, varies from school to school and might be between slightly less than 2,000 hours of managing actual projects and over 3,000 hours for advanced degree programs. Thus, prospect applicants should take their time and carefully research whether their applications fit the minimum requirements set by a project management training institute in India before applying. Nevertheless, select academic institutions might offer master’s degrees to students without practical experience, although such learning programs usually introduce other requirements related to the candidate’s educational background.

Unlike other fields of study, attending courses in project management is quite affordable, especially for professionals who want to enhance their theoretical skills while occupying a full-time job as project manager. A typical short course in project management at bachelor’s level might be completed for less than USD 1,000 although the total tuition costs vary greatly depending on the school and the degree level. Furthermore, online courses in project moment usually cost less than contact classes, while most educational centers require a certain number of hours to be taken in class. Therefore, education in the field of project management is open to a wide audience of students, both full-time and part-time employed.

Those who are after a diploma in project management should be aware that some educational organizations offer different grades (certificates) in project management, usually requiring a candidate to hold the previous level of certification before he/she is eligible to continue with studies to obtain a more advanced certificate. On the other hand, this does not apply to project management training courses that provide bachelor’s and master’s degrees for students who have successfully completed their undergraduate education.

Project management is a discipline that is applicable in virtually all and every business, thus allowing students with different background to enhance their skills and knowledge in a subject that opens the door to career development. Attending courses in a credible project management training institute in India can give a marked boost to one’s career, while the minimum requirements toward prospect students can be covered be a relatively large number of professionals from various industries.