Wednesday 7 December 2011

India-based Software Consulting Services Gain Popularity Worldwide

With a domestic IT services market worth $9.5 billion in 2011, India ranks third in Asia/Pacific region while India-based software consulting services are gaining momentum thanks to growing local market and increasing demand for outsourced IT consulting. IT software consulting, especially outsourcing of those services to reputable consultants based in India and other fast developing markets, is becoming a widespread business practice worldwide, with a growing number of large multinational corporations looking for ways to reduce costs related to IT services and infrastructure.

While India’s domestic market for IT services is highly fragmented, according to a recent report by Gartner. Inc., finding a reputable India software consulting firm is relatively easy thanks to the widespread use of industry specific best practices and growing number of well educated local IT experts. Local companies are now considered able to provide worthwhile software consulting services covering all aspects of the IT service, from software applications, to infrastructure, to core business processes. As a result, a rapidly growing number of enterprises look for IT software consulting provided by India-based consultants, which can also offer extremely competitive prices.

Evolving standards of local tertiary education led to a situation where enterprises look for India-based IT software consulting even if they do not plan to enter the local market but want to reduce their costs through off-shoring and outsourcing. The wage gap between India and the West is still quite wide and local companies are able to provide high quality consultations carried out by well-educated IT professionals. Therefore, the so-called labor arbitrage is working definitely in favor of India-based consultants.

Access to talent plays an important role in the global shift to outsourcing of consulting services of all kinds, and Indian software specialists have a proven record of accomplishment in providing quality software consulting services. Furthermore, local software vendors and consultants are already able to compete on equal terms with leading global companies when the matter in hand is to provide knowledge based approach toward development, implementation, and customization of business software and related processes.

In fact, IT software consulting is one of the fastest developing IT industry segments because of the growing role that software applications play in a wide range of business processes and procedures. On the other hand, the narrowing gap in the sphere of knowledge skills required for software development, assessment, and implementation makes it easier to hire a reliable third party software consultant. In addition, external consultants can provide consultations remotely thanks to standardization of software development and implementation practices across the world. Thus, a medium sized enterprise based in the United States can obtain valuable consultancy service, provided by an India software consulting firm, on implementation of new software that is developed by a Western software vendor, for example.

Globalization has led to a situation where organizations are no longer required to use local software consulting services in implementing new software solutions or configuring and customizing existing applications. In addition, organizations involved in all sectors of the economy are forced to reduce costs, including IT related costs; thus outsourcing software consulting services to providers in India is a wise move for managers looking to reduce costs while not sacrificing the quality of service they get.


  1. With good IT consultant at your hands, your company can grow leap and bounds. It is very difficult to filter good and bad consultant mere on the basis of their resume. You must have technical knowledge how to interview them in a right manner.

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    1. India-based software consulting services have gained significant popularity worldwide for several reasons:

      Key Factors Contributing to Popularity:
      Skilled Workforce:

      India has a large pool of highly skilled IT professionals, including software developers, engineers, and consultants, trained in the latest technologies.

      Lower labor costs compared to Western countries make Indian consulting services attractive for businesses looking to maximize their budgets without compromising quality.
      Diverse Expertise:

      Indian firms often specialize in various technologies and domains, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.
      Strong Communication Skills:

      Many Indian professionals are fluent in English, facilitating effective communication and collaboration with international clients.
      Experience with Global Clients:

      Indian software consulting firms have extensive experience working with clients from various industries globally, which enhances their understanding of diverse business needs.
      Agile and Innovative Approaches:

      Many companies adopt agile methodologies and innovative practices, allowing for rapid development and adaptability to changing requirements.
      Time Zone Advantage:

      The time zone difference allows for round-the-clock development and support, enhancing productivity and response times.

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