Sunday 5 February 2012

Three Reasons to Outsource to Software Development Center in India

Software development outsourcing, or off-shoring, is becoming a widespread business practice among enterprises across various industries; many businesses today are choosing to outsource to a software development center in India. Many things can be said describing why India is emerging as the world's leading software development outsourcing hub, but three major reasons include cost savings and cost restructuring, quality improvement and access to knowledge, as well as innovation opportunities offered by IT outsourcing, in general.

India, which ranks first on the list of software development outsourcing centers in the world, offers obvious advantages to enterprises in terms of well-educated professionals, growing number of research and development centers, which are capable of dealing with complex projects, and extremely lower production costs compared to Western countries.

The costs related to development of a sophisticated business application in an Indian software development center can be as low as three times cheaper than its equivalent developed in the West. This does not necessarily mean that the software vendor would sell the product at three times reduced priced, but markedly lowers overall price of software applications whose development have been outsourced to developers in India.

The second major reason for corporations to outsource to India is related to the fact that the country's research and development centers are now able to offer high-end research services, comparable to that in the West. Access to knowledge is crucial in the fast-paced IT industry; this makes it difficult for companies to cope with these technologies, relying solely on in-house resources.

Thus, India offers affordable alternatives to enterprises that are interested in gaining access to cutting-edge technologies at an affordable price and develop products that incorporate up-to-date functionality. In addition, a fair number of businesses rely on India's software development centers to enhance their existing software applications and embed advanced technologies and functionality.

An opportunity to get access to innovative technologies and innovations, in general, is considered another major reason for companies to look for the services provided by India's software development centers. While the Silicon Valley retains its position as a leading incubator of highly successful IT start-ups, India is emerging as a center where a growing number of U.S. and Europe-based corporations outsource their research and development activities. Naturally, many of the technologies developed in these centers are copyrighted; however, India's software developers have gained valuable knowledge and the country now boasts at least two generations of software developers who have been involved in highly innovative projects.

A reputable software development center in India can offer various services and benefits to customers but the major advantages are as follows: significant cost reduction, access to know-how, and opportunity to develop innovative products at affordable price.

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